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Unlock Unlimited Private Money: Discover How To Find, Raise, And Secure All The Funds You'll Need For Your Real Estate Deals In Just 3-Days!

(Even If You Have No Experience, No Network, And Haven’t Closed A Single Deal!)


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Private Money Conference

OCtober 23 - 25, 2024 in Atlantic Beach, NC

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Experience It Live and Immerse Yourself in the Action!




Whether you’re an established investor feeling stuck and determined to grow, a 9-to-5er hungry to close your first deal, or a retiree looking to maximize your investment income, you’ve probably hit a few roadblocks along the way. Struggling to raise money? Worried about missing out on big opportunities because you don’t have access to funding? Confused about where to start and how to close your first real estate deal?

We’ve heard your struggles, and we’re here to tell you there’s a solution – private money.

Private money is the key to uncovering a mountain of untapped real estate opportunities.

Smart investors understand this secret – without it, you could be missing out on up to 87% of potential deals. These are the deals that have the potential to revolutionize your business and income, transforming the way you invest and opening doors that traditional methods just can’t reach.

It’s the key to transforming your real estate goals into actual profitable results. It’s the power that can help you grow your business, quit your day job, or maximize your retirement.

The world of real estate investing has evolved, and the old ways of doing things no longer exist. Those who don’t adapt, who don’t harness the power of private money, will be left behind.

But that doesn’t have to be you.

Join us to unlock the power of private money in real estate, empowering you to take control of your financial future, discover hidden opportunities, and blow past all of your investment goals. The time is now.

“Jay was my first ever event and I actually got my first deal because of Jay… I’ve just raised $900,000 in one phone call.”

Carly Mannino

“He’s so authentic and genuine that we were drowned to him the very first time we met him… Since starting with Jay, we’ve raised a total of $ 700,000 in private money.”

Jonathan Broyles








When his bank suddenly stopped loaning him money, Jay’s business almost collapsed overnight. Desperate to save his real estate business, he discovered the power of private money, raising an impressive $250,000 from his very first conversation with a private lender!

Since then, Jay has cracked the code to private money, raising millions in private funding, building a real estate empire, and helping hundreds of investors do the same—without ever stepping foot in a bank.

Now, Jay shares this blueprint at the Private Money Conference. His mission? To empower you —no matter where you are on your real estate journey—whether you’re trying to close your first deal, scale your business, or grow your retirement portfolio.

Founder of CGN Homebuyers


Recognized as the “Queen of Subject-To”, Crystal is one of the industry’s leading creative deal making experts. Crystal will show you how to generate 5-figure paychecks through creative financing deals, without using any of your own money.

International Speaker and best-selling author


International Speaker and best-selling author, Chaffee will reveal his “Mindset Mastery Blueprint”, helping you eliminate self-limiting beliefs and unlock new levels of growth in your real estate investing business.

Real estate finance expert


Real estate finance expert, Collin shares next level strategies for using Self-Directed IRAs to fund your real estate deals, a game-changer for retirees looking to grow their portfolio.

Professional life coach and minister


David will unveil his “Action-Driven Mindset Formula,” transforming you into a decisive, fearless real estate investor, ready to seize every opportunity and smash through your income goals.

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“The only reason I still work with him is because he is authentic, true to himself, and truly loves and cares about people who have signed up.”

John Marshall

“A lot of people, you have to be in their program and all these things to learn the real nitty gritty, but he is not holding back anything.”

Josette Hill

“The culture here is amazing, I love how people talk to each other, they share stories, they try to encourage each other, it’s just unbelievably helpful.”

Daniela Walker

“Jay is so real, he’s just like your natural everyday uncle, or your granddad, you know, someone you’re going to have around the table and just cracks jokes.”

Phyllis Way

“Jay also teaches you how to not just be concerned about the money, about the deal, but actually care about the person behind that.”

denzel walker

“In the past I have attended so many conferences… and I have paid a lot more money for those classes many years ago, but nobody follows through like Jay does.”

doreen cleland


To take control of your real estate investing journey…

Learn the strategies that the top 1% of investors are using to transform their real estate deals

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Experience It Live and Immerse Yourself in the Action!


general admission

In-Depth Learning Experience

Dive deep into the world of private money and real estate investing strategies across three action packed days. Get direct insights from Jay Conner and leading industry experts, putting you in prime position to win the real estate game, whether you're a new or seasoned investor.

Hands-On Tools and Techniques

Discover key methods for finding and using private money, overcoming major barriers faced by so many investors. Walk away with actionable strategies for your real estate business, no matter your experience!

Exclusive Virtual Rehab Bus Tour

Experience a unique virtual tour of Jay's latest real estate projects. Watch as his team breaks down deals in real time - from finding the deal to staging, and diving deep into the numbers, remodeling, and more!

Network with a Community of Investors

Forge valuable connections with a diverse group of real estate professionals and fellow entrepreneurs. Share experiences, gain new insights, and build a supportive network to fuel your growth as a real estate investor.

Interactive Q&A Sessions

Get your specific questions answered in our interactive Q&A sessions, providing you with clarity and direction on your real estate journey. You’ll also receive valuable resource materials, designed to help you optimize your investing strategies.

Access to Jay’s Dream Team

Meet the professionals behind Jay's success - from realtors to private lenders. Gain unique insights from his team, including his interior designer, contractors, real estate attorney, and more.

Everything Included in General
Plus Exclusive VIP Perks

VIP Seating

Skip the lines with your "All Access Pass," offering premier seating options. Choose your ideal spot in the meeting room 15 minutes before general admission, ensuring the best view and experience.

VIP Reception & Networking Party

An exclusive, closed-door gathering with Jay Conner, his staff, guest speakers, and fellow VIP attendees. This high-level networking event, complemented with free hors d'oeuvres, is a perfect opportunity to build valuable connections in a relaxed and intimate setting.

Personalized Deal Review

This is your chance to have Jay Conner personally review and advise on your real estate deals, helping you optimize your investment strategies for maximum profitability.

Access to Event Recordings

Unlock exclusive access to a full recording of a previous 3-day event. Revisit the game-changing strategies and expert advice anytime, ensuring you're always one step ahead in your real estate journey.

Exclusive Consulting Calls

Gain access to recorded consulting calls where Jay shares strategies for raising millions in private money and automating your real estate business. Eavesdrop on conversations with top investors and learn directly from their experiences.

Networking with Private Lenders

A unique opportunity to network with Jay’s inner circle of private lenders. Engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and build relationships that could dramatically transform your real estate investing business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The event is October 23-25, 2024 at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Atlantic Beach, located at 2717 W Fort Macon Rd, Atlantic Beach, NC 28512.

  • New Bern, NC (code: EWN) is ~1 hour away
  • Jacksonville, NC (code: OAJ) is ~1 hour away
  • Wilmington, NC (code: ILM) is ~2 hours away

There is no shuttle to/from the event to any airport or other location.

NOTE: We do not have a partnership with any of the airports and attendees are responsible for booking their own transportation.

There are local taxis and rental cars, and Uber/Lyft does service our area.

NOTE: We don’t have a partnership with any transportation entity & do not know how much a ride would cost someone due to many unknown variables.

Registration is Wednesday morning at 7:00 am (local time). The conference begins each day at 8:00 am and wraps up between 5-7:00 pm each evening. The VIP reception is on Thursday evening, starting around 6:30 pm.

Lodging is available at the venue where the conference is held. A special discounted code is provided after your registration is complete.

NOTE: Anyone who has specific questions about the hotel and any services they will have for the event should contact the hotel directly at 252-240-1155.

Anything that will help you take notes. Recording the event in video or audio capacity is strictly prohibited. We will provide a manual where you can take notes but strongly urge you to bring additional note taking tools. There will likely not be access to an outlet, so plan accordingly if you wish to bring a laptop. Anything that enters the conference room with you each morning must leave with you each evening, as the room is cleaned every night and our team is not responsible for keeping up with attendee’s belongings.

You should also be prepared to put your best professional self forward. The dress code is business casual, but this is a great event to sharpen your networking skills. Come ready to meet a room filled with others looking to grow their real estate investing business.

A light sweater or jacket is also recommended, as the room tends to err on the cooler side (~68 degrees).

That’s perfectly fine, provided the child will not be disruptive to the other conference attendees or interfere with our ability to host the event in any way. Neither the hotel nor our team will have a childcare service available during the event.

(Mostly the same response as children.)

This event is the best way to learn directly from Jay and his entire local team over the course of 3 full days.

VIP is completely optional and is a way to upgrade your experience at the event, such as [highlight benefits of VIP ticket].

NOTE: VIP upgrades are non-refundable, and can be purchased at the event for those who are on the fence.

One of the bonuses that comes with your course is Jay waiving the $3,000 ticket price for his event. There is still a small $97 registration fee that allows our team to reserve a seat just for you/your guest and provide a boxed lunch for each of the three days.

Registration fees are nonrefundable.

“We joined Jay’s program and it’s just blessed us beyond measure. My husband was able to quit his job and now we are just able to homeschool our kids.”

erica camardelle

“Jay’s event has been very electrifying. He’s very engaging. Jay wants to give this away and pay it forward, and, and that just really comes out in his presentation.”

holland patton

“So this is really good, not just for investors to come to, but private lenders. Also, you need the power of connectivity with other people that are doing what you want to do.”

kari paramore

“I love what he’s taught me. Love learning and raising private money. I just raised another $431, 000 since his last event and I highly recommend you to come.”

andrew schlag

You see and feel what Jay is all about. And he walks the talk. He does what he says he’s doing, which is a good thing in today’s market.

anna ngugi

The price of the course was well worth it. One deal and we welded more made up what we are paying a hard money lender.

candy helm

“I love Jay because he is the authority, he’s the master of private money, and private money is the key to taking our business to the next level.”

carl sillman

“The reason I come to Jay is: He is the money guy…So seeing Jay at some of these events has helped me to acquire that so that I can get my business going.”

darin price

Jay has opened my eyes to the world of private money lending and is incredible. The scripts he gives all the tools are absolutely invaluable.

david sillman

I have been very well helped going through his private lending program. And it’s helped me to raise a little over $600,000.

doug daffron

It’s factual, it’s fun and the information you get is incredible. Really can be used anywhere in any type of sales position.

foster olivier

I met Jay at Ron La Grand’s Real Estate Summit. Went to a short class, went home and raised over $400,000 doing what he said in the class.

gene pruett

I had a problem getting money to buy houses and do my business…When I saw Jay and Charlotte, I was so excited that it was an unlimited money supply.

jerry ross

I came to hear Jay talk about private funding and I’m really enjoying it and I’m looking forward to how much it’s gonna change my real estate business.

kerrie deragon

This guy was obviously the best at finding out how, where to get the money, and real estate investors know that this is your top priority.

kevin kiser

I raised $2 millions while at the event here last year, and I’ve raised more since then. I’m up to about five and a half million.

kevin plocer jr

He basically answers the question that everybody has when they get started. How do I find the money? What do I do if I get a deal? I don’t have the money?

linda dana

I came to Jay’s event because he is really a professional, got everything to a science, to how to be investing in real estate and raising private money.

manuel cerrillo

I lost my job some time ago and I didn’t have my equity line to invest with anymore. So when I met Jay, I found out that I still could invest by using private lenders.”

rob slye jr

After 30 years in the real estate business, I feel like I’ve got a new lease on this business. I can invest anywhere, anytime.”

romeo sykes

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